Personal Wine Curator

Personal Wine Curator

Wine cellar management app, since 2004.

Easy and comprehensive

Since 2004, Personal Wine Curator continues to be the nonpareil of wine cellar management software. Through three generations of software, PWC has matured from a fresh and light data entry system to a robust application that allows users to keep track of their wines and interact with their collection in a unique and powerful way.

Cellar Management software, While it won't stop your hangovers, Personal Wine Curator wine cellar software sure will prevent a lot of headaches. And it makes organizing your wine cellar easy and fun. The newest version of this robust database application is a comprehensive wine cataloguing software that is fast, user friendly, and easy to learn, while still giving you all the information on appellations, grapes and producers that you would expect in a first rate wine software.

Quit using Excel or spreadsheets to manage your wine inventory and favorite wines.

Simply enter your info or import your data from the prior PWC app (v3.5.8), then sort, organize and print out detailed reports and lists of your wines.

Personal Wine Curator wine inventory software catalogues and organizes any wine collection, wish list and favorites, tracks the maturity status of cellared wines, generates "drink by" dates, and warns you when wines are ready to drink. It also comes with a handy food and wine pairing tool that offers thousands of combinations for you to explore.

More Features

Inside Personal Wine Curator

We make managing your wine collection, wish-list and favorites easier than ever.
+ Food and Wine pairing

Wine Maturity. Drink after and by dates help you enjoy your wines fullest potential.

Inventory Handles buying and selling with transaction history.

Quick data entry. Import from the desktop version or enter manually.

Mobile & tablet support. Access PWC on any browser on any device. No need to manage backups/restores - it auto-synchronizes data across devices.

Secure. Your data is backed up automatically and stored securely with the latest SSL technology.

Friendly support. We are here for you. New features will be driven by user feedback & requests.


We have monthly plans to suit wine collectors of all types.

Third Growth

For the connoisseur.

  • up to 500 unique wine records
    * in your cellar
Start Third Growth

Second Growth

For the collector.

  • up to1,000 unique wine records
    * in your cellar
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First Growth

For the investor.

  • over 1,000 unique wine records
    * in your cellar
Start First Growth

* Unique wine records are ONLY the active number of unique wine records in your cellar (those with quantity > 0). This is NOT the # of bottles.

So you may have 500 bottles in your cellar but only 100 unique wine records in your cellar.

Why is there a monthly fee?
The monthly pricing model ensures that we can continue to provide ongoing customer support, server hosting and backups, testing on new devices and the development of new features.

Are you a prior desktop PWC (v3.5) user?

The prior version of our app, PWC 3.5 is no longer supported. However, you can import your data into the new app from PWC 3.5+. Once you have created your account below, login and choose the "Import Data" item from the main menu for instructions. We'll do a one-time import from your PWC 3.5 data and you'll use the new browser-based version moving forward.

Why Should You Upgrade from PWC 3.5?

  • Mobile & tablet support - Access PWC on any modern browser on any device.
  • Automatic Backups - No need to manage backups/restores. We handle this for you.
  • Automatic Synchronization - Changes on one device will be reflected on others automatically.
  • Upgraded Interface - We've kept the same concepts you love but upgraded to a more modern and less cluttered interface.
  • Ongoing Support & Upgrades - the new version will receive ongoing customer support and feature upgrades.

Items not yet added to the new version that you may be accustomed to include: dinner menus and some reports/summaries.

Please also note: you will not be able to move over any images to the new app as we can't retrieve them from the PWC 3.5 export.

We welcome any suggestions you may have for us to integrate into the new version.

What are you waiting for? Join Now! - All plans offer a 30 day FREE trial.